Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dinning Nook : Back to the Start and Thonet Chairs

Dear blogfriends,

So I ordered Bertoia chairs at Retrofurnish. They announced 10-18 weeks for the production but whatever.

This month I was beyond trilled to received these chairs... but had no news.
I contacted the firm and they were very sorry to inform me that the producer forgot to produce them.

So we have 3 options :
- wait 18 more weeks
- choose what they have in stock
- get refunded

I really don't know what to do...
I asked them what they have in stock to see if we like something. I am not sure I want to wait 18 more weeks.

And, in the meanwhile, I fell in love with the Thonet chairs...

Do you remember this house?

Credit : Lovely Life
There was also this pic from RUM mag :

And this über cool minty kitchen :
I love them. I think they have a lot of character, while being modern and unformal at the same time.

The good thing is that I spotted a few on craiglists and I think I could buy 6 chairs for the price of 1 reproduction of the Bertoia.

What do you think? Should I get refunded and go for the Thonet or stick with the first choice?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspiration for a Chalkboard Table Project

Dear readers,

It has been a while I'd like to have some chalkboard thing.
This adorable play table has been on my mind for weeks, but wasn't a priority. I've also been looking on ebay for a little chair for Anouk for my parents house.

Credit : Little Green Notebook
(How adorable are those chairs???)

And... last Friday, I found this... on the street!

It's now time for a little project!

Here is some inspiration :

Credit : unknown mami

Credit : funky fun finds

I think I'll go for the lilac!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Best Wallpapers Ever for a Nursery

Dear blogfriends,

I hope you had a very nice WE! It's Monday again and I have many things to tell you.

This WE has been busy and productive and we are finally seeing the end of the closet-tunnel.

In the meanwhile, here are some awesome wallpapers for kids rooms.

For unknow reason, they put glass fiber in my house (ceilings included!), so I can't have wallpaper.

It's really a pitty since there are amazing and creative options for wallpapers, especially for kids.

So here is my selection :

1. Wallpaper from minakani lab 

2. A classic from Graham and Brown :

Credit : Emily Henderson

3. Birds wallpaper from Hygge and West.


3. I'm pretty sure this is an old collection from Dwell Studio
(Their new collection are amazing too).
Credit : Lund photo

4. Car wallpaper from Ferm Living
(The all collection is eyecandy too)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Have a Fun WE!

Dear blogfriends!

It's Friday again!!! Wouhou!!!

Last WE, this week and this WE I've been and I'd be working on our dressing...

Because I want to finish it! It's the very last time I work on such a huge project.

Anyway today I'm feeling uninspired/lazy. 

So I just wish you a very happy Friday and very fun WE!

(This is Alfred Hitchcock with his kids)
Via : Crack Two

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Designer Crush : Paula Martha

Dear blogfriends,

How are you?

I have a little crush for Paula Martha.

I don't know much about this designer, but came across her website and fall in love with all this gorgeous interiors.

It is fresh, bright, chic, glamorous and high-end, but easy, serene and comfortable at the same time.

I'm totally inspired.

I love these two first pics. The architecture of the room is amazing and the designer toke very well advantage of it. Have you seen the drapes? Insane.

I also love the European cosy-chic vibes of this room (the architecture, the earthy elements, etc.)

I want this room to be my office.
And this would be my meeting room :

(Note : Have you noticed the flower arrangements? Usually designers don' t like gerberas, but I do and I am happy she used them in the office above. And daffodils? Nothing makes me happier than daffodils.)

Gender friendly and glamourous sitting area...

This bedroom? Yes please. Right now.

Cosy. Pretty. Lovely.
Someday this would be the sitting area of my designer office!

Credit : Paula Martha

Ah. A love those colors.

Inspired? All pictures from Paula Martha.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Rattan Chair For Anouk's Bedroom : Which Color?

Dear blogfriends,

Circle rattan chairs are very popular for the moment. They are vintage, cool, bohemian, hippie chic... They taste like Palm Beach's spirit...

Via : SFG by Bay

Especially for kids :

Credit : Le dans la

Lovely right?

Via : Bloesem

I found this one on ebay for a steal (5 euros)... for Anouk's bedroom.
The shape is great.

I was planning to paint it but I'm not sure about the color. I was thinking a charcoal grey or a hot pink... maybe a turquoise...

Also, I received it yesterday and I noticed that the chair is covered by different layer of lack, so I'm have to strip it anyway.

Maybe if the rattan is in good condition, I could leave it as it and maybe just paint the legs in a hot pink?

What do you think?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anouk's Bedroom Update

Hello dear blogfriends,

It's Monday again. I hope you had a nice and happy WE.
We had a lot of snow and had to stay cozy at home.

Last week I tried the tree project in Anouk's bedroom.

It was easy and fast project, completed in three hours.

I'm totally pleased with it! It completely transforms the room while being very quite at the same time.

I purchased those adorable cushions in sale at Zara Home.
I knew Anouk would love them since they remind me of Richard Scarry's little characters.

The room looks very big in that pic, but it is actually tiny.

We used the same curtains as in the living room. It creates an easy flow in the house. I still have a pair of them and I am decided to put them in our bedroom too.

There is still so many things to do. Like buying a rug, installing the light fixture and... other projects I'll speak about soon!

Hollywood Regency Week : Serene and Contemporary HR Inspired Home

Dear blogfriends,

Our Hollywood Regency Week is almost finished. I realize many aspect of this style hasn't been tackled. I'm sure we'll come back on that style.

However, today, I take the opportunity to present a blog that I like very much. I think it is very interesting to see how bloggers that are inspired by the same interiors, decorate their interior in a slightly different way.

Danielle Oakey is a very talented blogger and decorator. She can create very lovely and unique decors on a budget. She always gives very good tips!

We featured similar interiors on our blogs, like Lindsay Mens Craig's apartment or this house designed by Jessica Helgerson (just to give some examples), however, our personal styles are a bit different.

She introduced some Hollywood Regency's element in her home and used a very bright and happy color palette, so the result has enough drama and splendour. However, the neutral tones of the walls and of the sofa and the delicate use of the happy color palette create a serene an informal atmosphere that the scandinavian-interior-lover that I am totally love!

I'll always love a Eero Saarinen dinning room. The fabric used for the upholstered chairs reminds of the Hollywood Regency classic imperial treillis.

I also love campaigner inspired painted desk. The color is perfect.

Do you recognize the Chiang Mai fabric? I will love this fabric forever.

Happy and dramatic (Ikea) baroque console and subtle animal print ottoman.

Credit : Danielle Oakey

 I love that reinterpreted every element. The result is sophisticated and unique.
What do you think? Isn't it lovely?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hollywood Regency Week : Chinoiserie

Dear blogfriends,

How are you today? It's finally friday! But the Hollywood Regency Week is not finished yet!
Today is going to by a mix of glamour and exotism.

Via : Decorista

Chinoiserie is probably a style by itself but is also a key element of Hollywood Regency.
And it is a very easy way to add glam to an interior through accessories.

A big hit is the Chiang Mai Shumacher fabric. This gorgeous fabric is the favorite of many bloggers and it makes lovely cushions or accent chairs.
Credit : Fabric Studio

Credit : BDG style

Credit : unknown

Chinese garden stools are also very popular to add some exotism in Hollywood Regency interiors. It works as side table...

Credit : Wisteria

Credit : Lonny

...  and also in the bathroom (such a great idea!)

Finally, Foo dogs are always a fun a nice idea...
Via : Decorista

via : Studio 10 25 

What do you think?
Caitlin Wilson, blogger and fabric designer, adopted this style and her interior is absolutely faboulous :

Credit : Caitlin Wilson