Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hollywood Regency Week : Glam It Up With X-Benches


Hollywood Regency loves seating areas and loves upholstering.
X-benches are a very easy and small-space-friendly way to glam up your interior (it provides also convenient occasional seating space).

Here are a few examples...

  • Under a vanity :

This room is soooo Hollywood Regency : the fur rug, the mirror vanity, the tufting, the very sophisticated window treatment...

  • As coffee table (very small-space-friendly) :

Credit : Caitlin Creer

  • Under a console :

Via : Red Papaya

(The Greek key is very Hollywood Regency too)

These were very traditional interiors, but X-benches work perfectly in more modern and minimalistic interiors.
I love for instance the python X-benches in Jen Ramos' new apartment (the girl behind Madebygirl)!

I think she has exquisite taste and I love her modern interpretation of the Hollywood Regency Style.
She uses Hollywood Regency elements in a very contemporary way : animal prints, the Greek key, the tufted sofa (that sofa!!!), the contrasts (blacks and whites) and the textures (lucite, leather, velvet, fur).

It's perfect!

This painting is hers (see her art shop here). She creates the most beautiful palettes.

Credit : Made By Girl

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