Friday, August 31, 2012

Aboriginal Art : DIY

Here is the original, from the aboriginal artist Jeannie Mills Pwerl :

Credit : Ish and Chi

I used paper, acrylic paint and a brush.
I first painted the all paper in very dark blue.

Then I loaded different paints on the brush and followed Jenny Komenda's secret : "The real trick to painting anything with a brus is to load the brush with a consistant amount of paint every time, lay the paint down smoothly the first time and then resist every temptation to go back over what you have done".

Then I Q-tiped the white dots... (I practiced a bit before)

The trick is to balance the colors...

I framed it in a Ikea Ribba frame... and this is how it turned out :

I am very pleased with it. Below with the flashlight.

I hung it above Anouk's park. This creates such a colorfull nook.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Living Room : Moodboard II + aboriginal art

So, here is the new moodboard...

The painting below is an aboriginal painting by the artist Jeannie Mills Pwerl that I discovered on the blog Ish and Chi (

I love that it's abstract and I love the colors.

Soo beautifull.
I tried the DIY!

Other beautifull aboriginal paintings :

Google images

Living Room : New Couch and Curtains


Ok, we copied pretty much the Ikea look below. But Karlstad is a really good deal and very comfy. I liked the blue-grey color.

The white curtains still need to be shortened. The blue curtains are not really my style but I like them together with the blue-gray couch, plus my boyfriend agreed immediately (which never happened!).

credit : Emily Henderson (

The color palette also reminds me of this beautifull room from Emily Henderson. When I showed it to my boyfriend he liked it (usually he never likes), so I though I could go this direction... Eventhough this is a bit too "victorian" for my (too much flowers).

But I have to say, since I follow Emily's blog, I am more and more into blue-grey-green palettes.

Aren't those rooms just beautifull?

Credit : Emily Henderson

So here are the selected color palette for now :

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Living Room - Moodboard 1 / Salon - Tableau d'humeur 1

Voici le 1er tableau d'inspiration / Here is the 1st inspiration board
1. Canapé Karlstad / Karlstad Sofa
2. Suspension en cuivre Tom Dixon / Tom Dixon's pendant
3. Meuble TV Ikea / Ikea TV solution
4. Table basse Ikea (déjà acquise) / Coffee table Ikea (already owned)
5. Table Ikea inspirée par le designer finlandais Eero Saarinen / Eero Saarinen inspired Ikea table
6. Chaises de eames / Eames chairs
7. Bureau modulable String, création du designer suédois Nils Strinning / Office solution from Sweedish designer Nils Strinning
8. Carte DIY de Emily Henderson ( / DIY map from Emily Henderson
9. La palette de couleur est inspirée du tissu Marimekko ci-dessous ( / Color palette inspired by a fabric from Marimekko (below)

Living Room - First Weeks / Salon - Premières Semaines

Premières photos après l'enménagement... Tout reste à faire, mais on se sent déjà chez soit!
First pics after the move... Everything needs to be done, but it feels already like home!

Very first "before" pics (march 2012)