Thursday, January 24, 2013

Designer Crush : Paula Martha

Dear blogfriends,

How are you?

I have a little crush for Paula Martha.

I don't know much about this designer, but came across her website and fall in love with all this gorgeous interiors.

It is fresh, bright, chic, glamorous and high-end, but easy, serene and comfortable at the same time.

I'm totally inspired.

I love these two first pics. The architecture of the room is amazing and the designer toke very well advantage of it. Have you seen the drapes? Insane.

I also love the European cosy-chic vibes of this room (the architecture, the earthy elements, etc.)

I want this room to be my office.
And this would be my meeting room :

(Note : Have you noticed the flower arrangements? Usually designers don' t like gerberas, but I do and I am happy she used them in the office above. And daffodils? Nothing makes me happier than daffodils.)

Gender friendly and glamourous sitting area...

This bedroom? Yes please. Right now.

Cosy. Pretty. Lovely.
Someday this would be the sitting area of my designer office!

Credit : Paula Martha

Ah. A love those colors.

Inspired? All pictures from Paula Martha.

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