Thursday, July 18, 2013

Refinishing My Terrasse Floor

You guys,

The weather is so nice right now. Summer is definitely there.

And we are eventually enjoying our terrasse.

We have a nice space (about 10 m²) which is enough for a two seats couch and a little table.

These are unstyled before pictures because I've been working hard lately.

As you can notice, the floor is a bit depressing. I first though I would like the natural aging of the wood, but it's dusty, foamy and just bad.

So I first cleaned the wood with one of my favorite cleansing product.

Let it dry and then put a coat of 3v3 oil for terrasse.

The wood definitly feels happier.

I did the second part of the terrasse last night, so be ready for after pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

In My Pinterest Right Now

Dear blogfriends,

I hope you're having - wherever you are - a nice summer time!

I have 15 days off from Friday and I can't wait!!! The first week will be dedicated to some home projects and relaxing time at my parent's house and we'll spend the second week with my sister in law's family in Britany, France!

In the meanwhile, I am refinnishing my terrasse floor (more about that tomorrow) and procrastinating on pinterest.

Here what's I'm considering :

1. Cute stationnary organizer :

Via : Pinterest

I found one at Anthropologie. Should I order it??

2. Inspiring Art by Guy Yanai

Via : Design Mom

3. New DIY project?

Credit : Trendenser

4. Calm and Inspiring Bedrooms

I am seriously considering this Ikea headboard. I think I would look great in our bedroom.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Iris Grace Paintings


Aren't those paintings just amazing?
And could you believe that this is the work of a - very talented and sensitive - four years old girl?
Iris, the young painter, is Autistic.  She can’t speak and has great trouble with interacting with others but expresses herself through movement and art.  

She obviously understand light and colours very well.
I love the palette she chooses.

This one below is my favorite.

You can see all her work on her website.

All pics from : Iris Grace Painting

Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Inspiration for the Terrasse

Dear blogfriends,

I hope you enjoyed the sunny weather lately.

I planned to work on my terrasse this week, but I eventually fell to lazy to do it.

Maybe I'll be working on it this WE, so I will be ready for the next heat wave.

In the meanwhile, I keep gathering amazing inspiration pics.

This is the terrasse of Nalle's House. Stunning right?

Credit : Nalle's House

Monday, July 8, 2013

WE Pics + First Pics of the Bertoias

Dear blogfriends,

Did you enjoy the WE! Our was wonderful. We headed to the belgian Adernnes and had the best time ever with our relatives.

I didn't take the time yet to shoot proper pictures of the new chairs. But I took a few shoots this morning just to show you.

It is totally unstyled and morning light is not the best light in our living room.

Please don't mind the totally unstyled cut flowers and these unattractive rotten bananas.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Beautiful Summer House in Mallorca

Dear blogfriends,

I hope you're having a great Friday (just a few hours more before WE!).

In the meanwhile, I suggest a virtual trip in a beautiful house in Mallorca. Shall we?

I love everything in this house : clean lines, white furnitures, some natural accents (jute rug, ratan, some wood) and a favorite palette of mine - green, blue and mustard!

Have you noticed the stripped cushions are the same as mine, but verso side? I never though about doing this, but I should consider it.

I love the simplicity of the bathroom!

And I would die to have a terrasse like this!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Seaside WE


We came back on Tuesday form a very nice long Week End at the Belgian coast.

We were so lucky with the stunning weather.

When it was to chilly to stay on the beach, we walked through the beautiful sand dunes.

But we sure enjoyed the beach.

We were staying at Le Coq, a charming town with 1900's architecture.

We were staying at the lovely Hotel Alizee and I had to take some pics of the beautiful interior. All the furniture pieces have been scouted on flea markets and have been given a beautiful patina.

The owners were very welcoming. It is really a getaway to recommend.