Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Escape

Dear blogfriends,

Don't you want to live in slow motion there?

I do.

Pictures : Felix Odell

Bedroom Moodboard : Organic Modern Style?

Dear blogfriends,

It's time to give a direction for our bedroom.

I love scandinavian interiors, but for the bedroom I wanted something quiet, but with more character, intimaty and some masculine vibes.

Some kind of West Elm look, mainly organic modern.

Here is the inspiration :

Credit : Mojansami

Credit : Simon

Credit : HGTV

West Elm has great bedroom furniture, but as far as I know, there is no West Elm Store oversee... So I looked... at Ikea! I really want to avoid Ikea (we already have so much Ikea elements in our house!!), but there isn't many sources for affordable new furniture as far as I know (and I really want something new at least for boxspring, headboard and rug).

We looked for some upholstered bed but I was really out of our price range (except this offer, but I don't really like the upholstery options). So, so far, we stuck with the idea of buying the boxspring and headboard at Ikea and the matras at a specialist).

We already own the beside tables, which is what I dislike the most in the moodboard. I would like to change them someday for vintage danish beside tables. But for the moment, that's fine.

We also already own the curtains and the frame.

The headboard is BEKKESTUA. The rug is from former awesome Stockholm collection and the modern sconces are for the new PS collection.

I think it's a good start.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Terrasse Update : Painting the Outdoor Furniture

Dear blogfriends,

I owe you a little update of our terrasse.

I didn't have a chance yet because I've been painting my outdoor furniture for days.

But you can have a little "before and after" below :

The terrasse floor looks much better right?

The settee needed a coat of paint. I actually liked the natural birch, but it wasn't going to survive outside without a protection.

The little bench needed a fresh coat of paint and I also painted one of the old dinning chairs.

The weather wasn't so nice those three last days, so we have to keep the sofa beneath the roof, but I can't wait to style this new space properly and to enjoy it again!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Paint and Brush WE

Dear blogfriends,

How was your WE?

Mine has been a "paint and brush" WE!

I started a new painting,

did so chalckboard paint projects,

changed the terrible window treatment in the bedroom and painted that last part of the wall,

and applied a second coat on this wall.

I can't wait to show you the final result!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Angie Hranowsky : Amazing Use of Purple

Dear blogfriends,

You've probably noticed that purple is not really a color for me. It is not a cold hue and it is not as punchy as hot pink, tangerine or citrus.

However, Angie Hranowsky, whom I discovered through the blog Decorology, has a real thing for this color and creates amazing spaces with a bold use of it!

Credit : Decorology

I LOVE the light in this living room. It creates the perfect atmosphere to chill out very elegantly.

And what about this perfect dinning room?
 (This lavander makes me think of Monica's living room in Friends - Gosh, who created this set????)

Credit : Lonny

Credit : Preciously Me

And I love the pop of color in this play room :

Credit : Lonny

It makes me want to dare more with colors.
(By the way, she also has a thing to create amazing blind shades!).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Toys Organisation

Dear blogfriends,

With a toddler at home and no playroom, the living room is usually swamped with toys, childrens books, puzzles and so on.

Until recently "Anouk's corner" looked like this :

The playpen was still there, even if anouk wasn't using it since months (mainly since she's been walking).

Changes needed to come since Anouk received a brand new kitchen from her auntie. (By the way, I think her kitchen looks much better than mine.)

So I went inspiration scouting on Pinterest.

Credit : The Avarice

Credit : Mommy Poppins

I am usually not a big fan of the Ikea Expedit shelve, but I have to say that it is perfect of organising toys. I first wanted to have a 8-boxes one (like on the first look), but we needed space for the play kitchen.

So here is how it turned out :

It is still very busy, but much more organised. It adds a bit of color and life in our living room and I like the design of most of Anouk's toys so it's ok to display them.

The big question mark is where will be installing the playpen when the second baby'll arrive!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Nine Months News

Hi folks,

So we are back home!

We had such a great time!

In the meanwhile, it's time to share a very good news!
We're pregnant!

The baby is expected for December 25th (!!).

Ps : If you like illustrations, you should follow Maureen Brown on Pinterest, especially her board "Children's Illustrations I Adore".

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ikea 2014

Dear blogfriends,

Sorry for the radio silence. Se are having great relax time in Bretagne, France.

However today's a big day for design lovers. It's like Christmas. 

Ikea revealed its new catalog !
You can check it here.