Friday, January 11, 2013

Trees in Nursery?

Dear blogfriends,
How are you today? I'am so glad it's friday! This week has been very busy at work and I'd love some rest this WE.
Tomorrow, I'd also like to work further on the nursery (and be able to take decent pictures!).

However, I am facing a dilemna :
You probably noticed that trees are very popular in nurseries right now. I'm not sure I like this trend. I think it can been very cheesy. Some are very lovely (like on the pic below)... but not really my style...

I like graphic accent wall better... Like this :

Credit : So Shay

I think it has more "energy". If you want awesome examples for nurseries, check here and here.

But there is a problem. The first idea was to hang the Little Darlings above the dresser facing the entrance.

Then the graphic wall was supposed to be the wall behind the crib...

The problem is that the wall facing the door is very hard and I would need to drill in order to hang the frames. I don't really feel like drilling since the configuration of the room might change a lot in the future with (maybe) a second baby...

So the new idea is to hang the frames above the bed. This would work perfect!

However, the wall facing the door is then very bare. I really don't think it would work as accent wall and I don't feel like painting the all room. I love this room to be bright and crisp.

So, although I am not crazy about the tree trend, I am considering painting a very simple tree in a soft grey shade in the corner. Just like this one below (but without the birds).

Maybe I like the model bellow better...

Credit : somewhere on pinterest....

What do you think? I'd love to have your opinion!

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