Friday, May 24, 2013

Inspire Me Please! : Ledansla

Dear friends,

The inspiration crisis is lasting For. Like. Ever...

I've been sick and I am completely burn out. It feels that this everlasting Winter is just  killing me slowly.
I swear. I usually don't complain about our belgian weather. I don't expect to be able to wear summer dresses in february in belgium. But really. Snow? A week before June???? I am wearing a cashemere turtle neck right now!

I'm really feeling this as an agression. Someone is stealing our Spring!

Anyway, I feel totally uninspired. I have no appetite. My house is a mess. I don't care about the way I look.

But yesterday, there was a sunbeam in my sky : I discovered Aurélie Lécuyer's blog.

Her sweet photographies, her beautiful house (that looks like a holiday family house), the soft pastel hues, made my day.

I want to install myself in that bed for the rest of my life.

By the way, my Bertoias are supposed to arrive end of June (they were supposed to arrive in january, then in april, then in may...)

I am so loving this barbers miror collection!

This vintage wallpaper is amazing.

Oh. Sweet reading nook.

Beautiful print.

Wild flowers = always good

All pics from : Ledansla

These pics were  exactly what I needed to see (like a eye massage).

By the way, have you read Joanna's post about confort food ? I need confort food right now.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's a Feminine Interior?

Dear blogfriends,

Do you remember the Dude Design Week?

A girl friend of mine (Hi, Anna!) commented that she loved this apartment and said that "she must be a dude then!" and asked me "What's a feminine interior then?".

Of course, you can be a girl and love straight lines, leather and navy! Actually, I do think that it is best to mix feminine elements with masculine elements.

However, I sometimes dream of a very girly boudoir-like apartment filled only with stuff my boyfriend would hate!

Just like this very chic and glamorous apartment :

Tufted ottoman and huge mirrors with romantic ornament.

Hi lovely settee! My boyfriend would hate you because you can't really watch a movie sitting on you. But you're perfect for tea time with cupcakes!

Oh!Marble counter top and brass silverware!

Fur on chairs, of course.

Credit : Style at Home

I actually don't think I could live in such a girly space, but I still think it is very chic!