Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anouk's Bedroom Update

Hello dear blogfriends,

It's Monday again. I hope you had a nice and happy WE.
We had a lot of snow and had to stay cozy at home.

Last week I tried the tree project in Anouk's bedroom.

It was easy and fast project, completed in three hours.

I'm totally pleased with it! It completely transforms the room while being very quite at the same time.

I purchased those adorable cushions in sale at Zara Home.
I knew Anouk would love them since they remind me of Richard Scarry's little characters.

The room looks very big in that pic, but it is actually tiny.

We used the same curtains as in the living room. It creates an easy flow in the house. I still have a pair of them and I am decided to put them in our bedroom too.

There is still so many things to do. Like buying a rug, installing the light fixture and... other projects I'll speak about soon!

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