Thursday, January 10, 2013

Small Nursery Progress

Dear blogfriends,

Yesterday has been a very productive day.

Two weeks ago, the dishwasher broke down. So yesterday, we had to stay at home to wait for the technician (yes, two weeks later...).

I took advantage of this extra day off to work on Anouk's nursery.

I don't have before picture because it is too embarrasing.
The room (12 m²) was hosting my two dressers and lots of clutter.
Last WE I was able to get rid of one of the dresser. Which was already a big improvement.

The goal now is to get rid of the second dresser.

(soo sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. Those are iphone pic with very bad day light... Maybe this WE I'll try to take better pics)

So, yesterday, I sorted my clothes (throw away, give away, keep, summer clothes and maternity clothes). And this is what went to the basement :

Not bad.

Then (with the help of my man), we finally installed the curtain rod...

(curtains were previously hold with tape)

With the new curtains :
Yes, I know there is a problem : the rod is too small. We'll fix that!

And I framed the Sharon Montrose's Little darlings...

I can wait to keep on going!

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