Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Rattan Chair For Anouk's Bedroom : Which Color?

Dear blogfriends,

Circle rattan chairs are very popular for the moment. They are vintage, cool, bohemian, hippie chic... They taste like Palm Beach's spirit...

Via : SFG by Bay

Especially for kids :

Credit : Le dans la

Lovely right?

Via : Bloesem

I found this one on ebay for a steal (5 euros)... for Anouk's bedroom.
The shape is great.

I was planning to paint it but I'm not sure about the color. I was thinking a charcoal grey or a hot pink... maybe a turquoise...

Also, I received it yesterday and I noticed that the chair is covered by different layer of lack, so I'm have to strip it anyway.

Maybe if the rattan is in good condition, I could leave it as it and maybe just paint the legs in a hot pink?

What do you think?

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