Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pops of Pink!


I was thinking yesterday that our living room was a feeling a bit drab with the winter light.
I liked it during the summer but I think it's too cold for the winter time.
Too many cold neutrals.

Hot pink or fushia has always been a favorite color with orange (or tangerine!) to dynamize a room.
Like in the palette below :

Credit : Design Seeds

You like this rapsberry countertop?

Via : Bungalow 5

Pink + navy = Love!

Pink + Orange = Yes!
Credit : Samperton

Just a few accessories :
Credit : Joy Tribout

Warms up cold neutrals :
(I don't like so much the butterflies coffee table though).
Credit : HGTV

Vitamines! Yes!

I could not feel depressed in that room!
Credit : Adore Magazine

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Under the Sput(nik) Lights


Late post today! But not the least! Today, I selected a few pics representing one very iconic lighting : the Sputnik pendant!

I really love it! I love design pieces that give a bit of quirk and some vintage vibes to a room.
None of the room pictured below would be half as amazing as they are without the sputnik.

Even that wonderfull pink bedroom!

Credit : West Elm Blog

This one is a piece of art!
Credit : Two is Company

This is cuter than cute.
Credit : Walking Around

From ramdom to unique :
Credit : Rue Mag
Via : decorology

Perfect mid-century.

Less than 60$ for this amazing DIY! (Yes this is Maskros!)... Amazing Jenny!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Design Crush: Tom Dixon's Copper Pendant


Hope your Monday is not too tought. Mine is actually quite hard since I am starting the week with the flu.
So, to make it easier, I propose a few pics starring one of my big design crush : Tom Dixon's Copper Pendant (spotted in my first moodboard).

I hope you'll like it!

Credit : Luxist

Credit : Real Living

Credit : vtwonen

Credit : Don't know

Via : Decorista

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Have a Nice Sunny Sunday : Illustrations in Nursery


I hope you're enjoying the WE! We get to sleep one hour more!

Today, I made a little selection of very sweet illustrations.

You know how much I love nurseries with great art and how much I love illustrations.

Here is a specially nurseries selection. Hope You'll like it! 

Credit : I Love Doodle

Via :

Via :

Friday, October 26, 2012

Use of Mirrors

You can ask my boyfriend. Every time we go in a furniture store, I say "we have to find a mirror for our entry, one for our bedroom and another for the dinning room".

Credit : Emily Henderson

However we still don't have any.

The thing is that mirrors are tricky : while they can brighten, glam up and open a room when done right, they also can be totally cheesy.

Here are a few i great (kind of safe) ideas.

1. Use architectural details (mantel, mouldings)

Credit : House and Home

This one is nice but very tricky to do right (and I would leave it for corporate spaces) :

Credit : Lonny mag

2. Above a bar cart (or a bar vignette)

Credit : Decorista

Credit : Grey + Scout

Credit : A cup of Jo

Bar carts are cool. I am looking for one. I found nice ones on ebay. But still no crush.

3. In the entry (but preferably not in front of the door, because it's not very Feng Shui)

Credit : Lonny mag

Credit : Decorpad

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Kittens - Margaret Wise Brown

Hello! I could have called this week "baby week", but it wasn't meant like this.

However, yesterday, Apartment Therapy published a list of 20 Kids' books about colors. I didn' t know any of them and I would like to read them all now but...Color Kittens wasn't on the list!

I couldn't let it go!!! Maybe it's because Margaret Wise Brown's book is such a classic, but any way, if ONE person on the world hasn't read that book yet, it is still worth it promoting it.

Please look at that sweeeeeeet video from a dady that I found on Youtube!!

Please look at the adorable illustrations.

Please listen to the poetry.

I had the French version as a child, and I still know it by heart. In French, the kittens are called "Sage et Image". How cute is this???

And the book ends :

"Bravo pour les couleurs de Sage,
Bravo pour les couleurs d'Image,
Bravo pour les deux chatons barbouilleurs,
Bravo pour toutes les couleurs,
Et maintenant, soyons sages".


Very Simple Nursery


Last week, Kelle shared pictures of a nursery she designed. I think she did a great job!

She kept it very simple and just kept the essentials : soft and sunny colors, sweet art, a rocking chair and a comfy rug.

I liked the Ikea Ribba shelves she used for the books (adding pops of colors). I loved the cushion on the rocking chair. I adored the kind-of-leopard-print cushion in the bed.

It's actually a great source of inspiration for me since I kind of had the same ideas for Anouk's nursery (that I hope I'll be able to do next month).

We'll be recycling the Ikea Lillberg rocking chair that was in the living room of our old apartment and I already purchased this Ikea fabric :

Credit : Ikea

For the art, my great friend Stefania offered me this print from Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop :
Isn't it just to adorable?

Credit : Sharon Montrose

I purchased those two guys more to make a trio :

Credit  : Sharon Montrose

They might hang above the bed or above the rocking chair.

I'll be adding some art I already own (some being illustrations from my sister... I'll post about that later).

For the cushion, I spotted those, from Colette Bream Etsy shop :

Cute isn't?

What do you think?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Aled Lewis prints

This made me laugh...

This would be very cute in a nursery.

I liked that one too :-)) :

Those prints are available here

Mushroom Lamps!


Look at the pretty pretty lamp Jenny bought for her girls lately!

Mushroom lamps are such a design classic. I think it's a very easy and cheap way to add quirk, uniqueness and vintage style to a room.

I spotted some very pretty mushroom lamps in some of my favorite stylists/bloggers.

Emily Henderson loves them :

Credit : Emily Henderson

Credit : Emily Henderson

Credit : Emily Henderson

Also does Irene from Bloesem. She had two awesome specimens in her old house. The orange one is my fave among all!

Credit : Bloesem

Credit : Bloesem

Victoria just published this example last week from the Ikea book Beloved Homes.

From Beloved Homes, Ikea via : sfgirlbybay

And I discovered this blog today, looking for more examples. The author did a very nice Hollywood Regency's selection of mushroom lamps. I you'd like to check it here.
I am always happy to find new sources of inspiration.