Friday, June 28, 2013

Dream to Sale : East River, Manhattan, NYC

Dear blogfriends,

Yes, some people do live in this kind of dream apartment!

I tend to think that life must be slightly easier for them. And life should definitly be more interesting when you are surrounded by beautifull art and design.

Anyway, inspiration is free, so enjoy!

I like the fact that there iare toys everywhere in the house. I like to imagine what it is like, everyday, with three boys running around. Certainly not always that tidy!

And in fact, the apartment is pretty children friendly actually. (Excepted some vases that are maybe there just for prop purpose).

Enjoy the tour. All pics come from The Socialite Family.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guess What Got Delivered Yesterday??

Dear blogfriends,

I need to share my happyness and joy with you today!

My dear Bertoia chairs, that first were ordered in October, then reordered in March got delivered yesterday!

I couldn't be home so I rescheduled the delivery. However, DPD dropped them at one neighbour.When I saw that on the internet tracking, I ran home on lunch time to welcome them safely home and check the all thing!

This is when I got these pictures taken. Now they have already been assembled and I LOVE the look.
I can't wait to show you pictures.

For the record I bought them at Blue Sun Tree.

They have pretty good prices and nice color choices (I love the hot pink!!!!).

Two chairs have a little shard (but as long as it doesn't get worse it's ok for me) ;
One chair's got a more consequent shard (about 2 cm²) that I'll try to fix with some car body paint ;
and the biggest problem is that one chair's seat is slightly lower than the others.

I might try to get some discount for the lower seat, however in the overall, I am pretty happy.

The chairs were (with the transport) about 80 EUR each, which is about the price of the well-designed range of ikea (but the Stockholm collection chairs are about 149 EUR each).

So I guess the quality is ok for the price.
The delivery delay was longer than expected but similar to what other on-line shops offer.

The cushion however is very good quality, which gives a valuable high-end finish.

Stay tuned this WE for more pictures!!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keep it fresh!

Dear blogfriends,

How are you dealing with those (so desired!!!!) hot temperatures???

As far as I'm concerned, I LOVE it!

I love this hot and humid tropical weather, it feels so relaxing.

But how do you cope with that if you stay in a tiny urban apartment, without balcony???? (Like I did some years ago, before having a wonderful terrasse!).

I found a very nice inspiration right from Brasil.
This tiny apartment is just 65m².

But it feels fresh : cool hues, light textures and no clutter.

I especially love the concrete floor.

They used bright woven rugs instead of heavy wool rugs.

I you have a concrete floor in Belgium, you'll probably need wool rugs to warm it up a bit during the cold season (which is, indeed, 10 months a year), but you can easily swich it with cooler and brighter rugs during hot days!

I love the japanese art. So fresh.
Beside, I've always love the green and pink color combo.

Wall stickers are not my jam, but I admit this bedroom is very serene.
Fresh flowers are also a good way to refresh a room.

All pictures via Achados de decoracao

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quiet, Simple, Serene, Clean...

Dear blogfriends,

Isn't this styling just the perfect place to relax and clean your mind?

I think I'm going back to this kind of style soon.
Have a great WE!

P.s. : I love this Finnish blog.
P.p.s. : To bad they don't retail this rug in Belgium :-(

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Interesting Parisian Apartment

Dear blogfriends,

I am totally intrigued by this amazing parisian loft, designed by Muriel Cibot.

The library is amazing. I love the perspective through the glassdoor and window.

The styling of the bookshelves is perfect! I love the little frames that it creates, I love the wallpaper, the mix of shapes and textures. Everything.

You can NEVER go wrong with black and white subway tiles.

Credit : Muriel Cibot's Website

Obviously the space is home stagged and lack some personnality. But I think it's got good bones doesn't it?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Family Places!

Dear blogfriends,

I am so in love with the interiors shown on Joanna Goddard's excellent blog!

I am so inspired by those happy family places!
Great colors, patterns and that little thing that makes some interiors so unique and personal!

Just happy places where you want to spend time together with your loved ones.

I love the idea of bowling in the hallway!

Love this cushion! I want one for Anouk!

Pictures above from Blogger Liz Stanley
Credit : A cup of Jo

Great gallery wall with children's art!

The five pics above are from Abbey Nova's home tour, of the blog Design Scouting.
Credit : A cup of Jo

My beloved chandelier! Why aren't you retailed in Europe!!!!!

Four pics above from Blogger Jordan Ferney's home tour. 
Credit : A cup of Jo