Sunday, September 30, 2012

Color Week : Pantone predictions

Have you already crushed for an item that you think is very unusual, full of personality and unique? Like, let say... yellow polka dot pants...

Credit : Anthropologie

You had never seen anyone with this kind of pants but... the month you bought it, polka dot pants are popping up everywhere.

Or your think that Eugène is an awesome and unique name for your newborn... Then four months later, there are five little Eugène at the gardery...

This is trends.

Would you follow them or not, it's stronger than you.

Well, for colors, it's the same thing. And the expert in that field is Pantone.

You probably know it by name and have seen some Pantone items before...

Credit : George Hahn

But, Pantone is not an hype items producer, it's a bunch of color experts that define what are the colors that we will (/would?) love (and we will). It's the worldwide color guru.

They define each year the Color of the Year.

Last year was Tangerine Tango, a beautiful and intense orange :

Pantone sells its palette to fashion/car/IT industries and Tangerine Tango is on the cat walks, in your live and in your home!

Credit : Pantone Blog

Speaking about myself, while I wasn't paying attention to this, I noticed that last year hippest items I purchased were... Tangerine tango!

Anouk's Bloom chair :

What happened to Anouk?!

And our Urban Outfitters turn table... oh yes I'm hype :

ps : They don't have it anymore... soooo 2012!

This palette is for this fall.

Credit : Redoitdesign
Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012 - image from Pantone's website

I Like the lower row better. Chartreuse is a very popular green in interior design right now.

Credit : Rue Mag

Credit : ?

Credit : Ana Antunes

Credit : Decor8

Well, in a few weeks, Pantone is going to elect the color of the year 2013! The color you'll like next year!

 I am predicting the color of the year to be blue or green...

Like this beautiful wisteria blue (that we hadn't see since the early nineties).

Credit : La Dolce Vita

Or what about this amazing indigo?

Credit : Hgtv

Or this incredible emerald green?
Credit  : The Design Files

Or mint green?

Do you agree with my prediction about color trends?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I love fiddle leaf trees. I think it's my favorite interior plant (/ tree).

This one is faboulus and must be at least 20 years old.

Credit : Emily Henderson

Unfortunatelly, it is very hard to find some in Belgium. Even at specialists, you usually just find palm trees, monkey trees and ficus.

I found a bambino one at Ikea a few months ago but, even with lots of love, it is not higher than 40 cm yet.

But last week, Ikea was selling bigger ones. I didn't think twice and took one home right away.

Of course, it is an industrial grown one. Very vertical, like an industrial christmas tree.

So, to favorise ramification, I cut the edge and cautherized with warm water.

I can't wait to see new branches!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Small Storage for Little Hands

Like most of the toddlers, Anouk is relentlessly attracted to phones and commands. So, to keep them out of her reach and to clean a bit the coffee table, I bought this very nice bones box from Zara Home. Very handfull.

Then as my little peanut gest more and more toys, I also bought this very nice basket. It is the perfect shape and size and she loves it!

Nice Work Spaces

Our worspace is quite unfinished yet...

Yes : the bare and unstyled truth...

We managed to hide the printer in our TV-books-media solution.

I am also very glad that we found at Habitat a very nice office chair that met my easthetic criterias and my boyfriend's practical criterias.

However, we still haven't find the right office table. I was for a long time looking for scandinavian vintage desks like the one below.

Credit : Lovely Clusters

We had some nice occasions on ebay, but eventually I think this would be too massive to be put in the corner of the living room, next to the very massive library.

I think I'd rather go for those good bones tables.

Credit : Rue Mag

And maybe later add some drawers like these...

I found some good bones side tables on ebay, that could be painted :

Credit :

But it's always the same story with ebay. You have to go get them, take them over in your car, etc...

And guess what???

Ikea makes this cuttie for about the same price... (Plus : my boyfriend likes it!)

Credit : Ikea

NO. I am not sponsored by Ikea.... and I trully think I shouldn't have any more ikea piece in my living room. But...

And wouldn't it be very cute with this glam table lamp form Zara Home?

I don't know. I think I could be happy with that. And it would create a more formal and stylish nook in our interior.
What's your opinion?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ideas for the Dinning Nook (3) : The Bertoia Chair

I am so so glad we (my boyfriend and I) made up our mind for the chair of the dinning nook.

I wanted a modern classic chair.

At first, my choice was the Eames chair.

Credit : Houzz

I still love them, but I think they are a bit too industrial for me and would work better in a kitchen.

Then, I was truly loving this model from Habitat.

Credit : Habitat

Which matches our office chair. I love how the leather warths up our interior. This is glam and cozy. But I think it would be too matchy-matchy (with the office chair) and quite "heavy" (because of the chrome and the leather).

It's not stricto sensu a design classic, but it reminds me those beautifull mid-century rooms.

Credit : Somewhere on Pinterest...

Credit : Rue Mag

Some other chairs came in discussion, like the Saarinen tulip chair.

Credit : Houzz

But finally we agreed on...


Credit : Houzz

I love that's unformal yet elegant and that you can play with cushions to make it cozier or lighter. We still have to make our choice for the cushions though...

Apartment therapy just published an article on this modern classic chair.

And you? Do you like modern classics? Which is you favorite? Have you some? I'd like to know...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ready for Fall?

Temperatures are going down and the days are getting shorter. We made so little changes around the house to let it feel cozier :

A new rug, candels on the table and succulents and sedums around the house to soften the atmosfeer.

And you? Are you ready for fall?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Working on a Gallery Wall

I love gallery walls. It personalizes your interior and make big statement.

Be it personnal pictures...

Credit : Decor Pad


A mix of picture and art.

 This one is fabulous. It's a really nice collection of art. But, with different types of frames,colors and styles, it is very difficult to get it as perfect as this one below.

I like the idea to lay down the pictures on a console. So you can adjust until you are satisfied without damaging you walls.

I'd like to have this in my dinning room.

For the moment, I am working on two galleries : one in the powder room and one in Anouk's nursery.

And you? Do you have gallery walls? where? What do you prefer pictures or art?