Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Socialite Family


So last week, we have been dying for awesome californian interiors. Now, let's go to Paris to meet the coolest, smartest and awesomest parisian families, living in the awesomest Hausmanian apartments...

I especially love the art (mostly photography) in all these interiors.

Navy velvet + tripode tables = bliss

Awesomest photographs

I want this cutie for my baby.

All pics from : The Socialite Family

Framed Flowers

I just love the vintage and victorian vibes of framed flowers. Don't you?

Credit : Design Sponge

Credit : Emily Henderson

Via : Bloesem

Via : Bloesem

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Washi Tape Ideas

Have you whashi taped your interior yet?

I did last WE! 

There's a wall in Anouk's bedroom where we have to mount shelves. But in the meanwhile it looked very bare.

Now it looks like this :

I love the idea of creating a ephemera decor, just like an installation!
The postcards are from Alice Depage, bought at Pepin la lune.

Here are some inspiration that I pinned lately :

Credit : Everyday Magic

Credit : Poppy talk

Credit : Design Sponge

Credit : Tretoen

Credot : Poppinette

Credit : Sweet Paul

I feel like washi taping everything!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Amazing Interior Photographer : Bethany Nauert


Caution : This post is full of über cool exiting Californian interiors, photographed by a über talented photographer. You may fall into home depression after reading it.

I. Am. Home. Depressed.
 I want to trough everything that's in my house and call this people to run my life and decorate my house with exiting and unique vintage pieces and bold colors.  

I discovered Bethany Nauert on Emily Henderson's blog, but she is a contributor of Apartment Therapy and she shot most of my favorite interiors featured on Apartment Therapy.

She photographed the loft designed by Natalie Younger I featured last week.

Besides, she works for Rue Mag... (which is the nirvana for home decor) 

You've been warned...

Styled by Emily Henderson. It is so pretty I want to cry.

Again, styled by Emily Henderson.

Really, my bedroom looks like CRAP. I hate myself.

Casual and bold. Very pretty. Designed by Irene Lovett.

I'm just loving this color mix. Again, designed by Irene Lovett.

Again this beautiful color combo. Here designed by Erinn V. Design Group.

Awesome fiddle leaf fig tree in an awesome planter.

My fiddle leaf fig tree is dead. My life sucks.

All pics from Bethany Nauert.

OK. I stop. This was just a selection. But if you really want to feel pain, check her website.. There are 248 painfully beautiful photographs on Bethany Nauert website.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cozamia Art Print and DIY Canvas

Nancy Ramirez is a very talented infografist who creates the most inspiring prints ever.

I love the colors and I love how her (very affordable) art can add a touch of color and glam into any interior.

Her blog is currently closed, but you can check her art shop. She sets up the most beautiful vignettes with her art and her to-die-for amazing collection of lamps!

Above pics form : Cozamia

This last print inspired me a DIY canvas last summer. I didn't record the making-off, but it was very easy (I used acrylic) :

1. I first painted the canvas in white
2. I put painter tape
3. I randomly painted
4. I took off the tape
5. To avoid some difference of texture between white and colors, I added some white paint in the stripes
6. I painted the slides in brass

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Loft Designed by Natalie Younger : Beautiful Cold Hues

Dear blogfriends,

You probably noticed I love cold tones. I am a nervous person and warm hues make me feel anxious.

I fell in love with the relaxing atmosfeer of this beautifull loft designed by Natalie Younger.

I love this headboard and the nightstands! And the lamps are so adorable!

Credit : Natalie Younger

Natalie Younger published the before pics. The update is amazing.

Happy Valentine in a Romantic Bedroom

This woulf be the perfect room to cuddle on a valentine day morning.

This bed look so insanely confy!

All pics from : Stadshem

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Dear blogfriends,

I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been seriously lacking inspiration and will to make things happen in the house. I want this blog to be personal and I would love to show my own stuff.

I have got so many projects like new paintings, new living room styling, painting the entry, re-organizing the kitchen... 

But I felt I needed some break. We spend last WE at my parents house and took a day off today. It was so nice to take a break in the middle of the week. It feels like an entire WE!

 The country was so beautiful.

It's nice to take a break!