Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Very Simple Nursery


Last week, Kelle shared pictures of a nursery she designed. I think she did a great job!

She kept it very simple and just kept the essentials : soft and sunny colors, sweet art, a rocking chair and a comfy rug.

I liked the Ikea Ribba shelves she used for the books (adding pops of colors). I loved the cushion on the rocking chair. I adored the kind-of-leopard-print cushion in the bed.

It's actually a great source of inspiration for me since I kind of had the same ideas for Anouk's nursery (that I hope I'll be able to do next month).

We'll be recycling the Ikea Lillberg rocking chair that was in the living room of our old apartment and I already purchased this Ikea fabric :

Credit : Ikea

For the art, my great friend Stefania offered me this print from Sharon Montrose's Animal Print Shop :
Isn't it just to adorable?

Credit : Sharon Montrose

I purchased those two guys more to make a trio :

Credit  : Sharon Montrose

They might hang above the bed or above the rocking chair.

I'll be adding some art I already own (some being illustrations from my sister... I'll post about that later).

For the cushion, I spotted those, from Colette Bream Etsy shop :

Cute isn't?

What do you think?

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