Monday, October 8, 2012

How I got interested in Feng Shui...

Hello! I hope you enjoyed last week color week! This week we will speak about something a bit new and confusing for me (but we are here to share!!) : Feng Shui...

So, last week, as the bedroom was totally in works for the built-in closet, we were sleeping on the sofa. Needless to say, it wasn't very easy to keep the house very tidy. On friday, I was feeling totally depressed. This could be due to the rainy weather we had last week, but the mess in the house was definitely an other cause.

As I had the afternoon free, I went to go shopping. With my boyfriend working on week-ends recently, I have to take care of Anouk and have no time for shopping. And since I was depressed, I really wanted to buy myself all the pretty things I dreamt about : a new camera, this lamp from Zara Home and a few accessories there... I also received an invitation for a private sale, were I could buy a nice scandinavian knitted pouf... I really was going to spend a lot of money....

However... the day before, I posted  very nice pictures from Janice's blog. I don't speak swedish (yet), so I hadn't pay much attention before but I discovered that Janice was Feng Shui consultant.

You can think whatever you want, what I say is that :

1. I could have dinner here :

Credit : Add Simplicity

2. I could chill here :

Credit : Add Simplicity

3. I would sleep 8 full solid hours here :

Credit : Add Simplicity

So while I was shopping, I had Feng Shui in my mind.
I don't know Feng Shui very well, but I remembered a few principles from Amelie's blog. Check her posts here, here , here and here.

I remembered that :
1. For different reasons my bedroom wasn't feng shui at all (but we'll speak about that later)
3. It's good to take your time while decorating your home

So I filled my eyes with beauties (the Zara Home collection is even more beautiful in person... we'll speak about that!), but did't bring any more clutter at home.

The house is full of boxes of unassembled-yet-furniture. I felt that any new item would be unnecessary until we finish the works... I wanted to buy desk accessories for the unassembled-yet-desk, but then I felt it would be better to see the desk assembled before...

This is how Feng Shui made me safe a lot of money.

This week, we are going to speak about feng shui, if you'd like!


  1. Je devrai commencer par changer d'homme...

  2. Pas nécessairement : auncune maison n'est parfaite, comme aucune personne! Le tout est de connaître les potentiels et les faiblesses de chaque habitation... On en discute cette semaine...