Thursday, October 11, 2012

Feng Shui Tips for a cozy Bedroom + Inspiration

The bedroom is a very important place in Feng Shui. A bedroom should "promote an harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy".

My boyfriend and I tend toward insomnia, so I am very concerned about making this place as serene and comfy as possible.

Here is a little memo :

  1. VERY IMPORTANT : Keep electronics and home office away from the bedroom. TV in the bedroom is a Feng Shui red flag
  2. Keep it simple: prefer built-in closet to wardrobe, try not to overload your bedroom with furniture and decor items
  3. Symetry is important in an master bedroom : you need access to both sides, have a night stand in both sides
  4. A good bed, obvi
  5. It's better to have the bed not facing the door (to much energy coming towards the bed)
  6. But it's good to see the door from your bed
  7. A nice headboard is a plus (uphostered or tuffed is even better!)
  8. A rug can be nice
  9. Good lightings

I selected a few exemples, I hope you like them!

Credit Domino, via Oh Happy Day

Credit : Sarah Richarson

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