Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Kittens - Margaret Wise Brown

Hello! I could have called this week "baby week", but it wasn't meant like this.

However, yesterday, Apartment Therapy published a list of 20 Kids' books about colors. I didn' t know any of them and I would like to read them all now but...Color Kittens wasn't on the list!

I couldn't let it go!!! Maybe it's because Margaret Wise Brown's book is such a classic, but any way, if ONE person on the world hasn't read that book yet, it is still worth it promoting it.

Please look at that sweeeeeeet video from a dady that I found on Youtube!!

Please look at the adorable illustrations.

Please listen to the poetry.

I had the French version as a child, and I still know it by heart. In French, the kittens are called "Sage et Image". How cute is this???

And the book ends :

"Bravo pour les couleurs de Sage,
Bravo pour les couleurs d'Image,
Bravo pour les deux chatons barbouilleurs,
Bravo pour toutes les couleurs,
Et maintenant, soyons sages".


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