Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Color Week : Alternative Color Palette for Fall

We all agree that fall is the season for color.

Credit : Dominique Massar (my mother)

You may want to bring this wonderfull color palette at home.

Credit : Design Seeds

The vignettes in this traditional autumn color palette might be cute, but often meh... I think it should be kept for small vignettes...

or outdoor vignettes.

Credit :  besthandlotion.org

Otherwise, you can get a bit to "haloweeny".

Today, I propose an alternative color palette that brings home this wonderfull atmosfeer and fall soft hues: soft pink, purple, camel, orange and brown and grey.

Credit  : Design Seeds

Look at those beautiful interiors. Wouldn't you nap in that sofa or in this room during the sunny indian summer?

Credit :  decordots.com

(I love this idea of a giant instagram print)

Credit :  sfgirlbybay

Or drink hot cocoa here, wraped in a plaid during colder evenings?

Credit : Bloesem
(This is a belgian house :-))

Credit : Emily Henderson

Credit : Decorista
(This is Jenner Kardashian's office, but I like it!)

(Just wanted to put this pic!)

What do you think?

Edit : If you'd like to check, Made by a Girl proposes an other (wilder) alternative here and The Style Files proposes an other selection of soft pink and grey interiors here.

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