Monday, October 8, 2012

Feng Shui : The Easy Way

I don't know much about Feng Shui. I share as I discover. So, if you know better or have other opinion, be free to share!

I approach Feng Shui as a way to reach balance. The environment influences us. Stimulation, images, colors, shapes, textures can inspire us. Some color inspire movement, other inspire rest. Some textures inspire  stability, other change. Some shapes inspire strenght, other fragility and softness.

I our live, we need a bit of everything. Sometimes, not everything at the same time.

I remember theses posts from Jennifer Hagler, the author of a Merry Mishap Blog. She is a jewelry designer and blogger. So I understand she is in a constant state of visual stimulation to inspire he work. But, she says, sometimes, she clears all the "visual noise" and litteraly stripes her all house!

Credit : A Merry Mishap

I mean... waow! What an incredible way to rest your mind, meditate and focus!

As a young working mother, my days are very intense, full of stress, joy, noise, feelings, pictures, etc. I am almost never by myself anymore and I feel sometimes overwhelmed by everything. Many times, this is expressed by anxiety that I transfer to my loved ones. So sad.

I did not always feel the same. A few years ago, a friend of my was reading L'art de la simplicité of Dominique Loreau. When my friend told me that the author preconised to eat every day the same thing, limit your wardrobe to four or five colors, etc.... I was thinking that the author was taking away all the fun things from her life. Killing the creativity.

A bit later, Geraldine Dormoy, the blogger behind Café Mode, wrote about Dominique Loreau's book and I think at the time, I was already less negative about it, but still not convinced and not interested in reading it. Now, when I read Geraldine's post again, I totally get the point! Geraldine highlights in the book the importance of empthyness, the japanese conception of quality, the importance of rituals, etc. Read Geraldine's post here.

It's funny how we value all these thing for babies and neglect all these principles for ourselves. Young parents are taught about how babies need rest after a day of stimulation, how this is important for the construction of their little brain. Young parents are taught about the importance of rituals, so important for the balance of young child.

With all the changes in my life right now, I totally understand the importance of all this. Now I really want to read Dominique Loreau's book.
Feng Shui concures with this idea.

Here are the first Feng Shui tips that you can apply immediatly :

1. Declutter
2. Fix what is broken
3. Open the window every day
4. Open the curtains every day
5. Hide or store what you don't want to see (like bills and invoices!)
6. Prefer items that have a real value for you instead of random decor items
7. Clean all your linen (curtains, bed sheets, etc.) for some fresh smell in the house
8. Buy some plants (most of them are very good against contamination, even in the bedroom)
9. Get rid of unused items
10. Clean a closet

Tomorow we'll speak about balance and the elements of Feng Shui!

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