Friday, October 19, 2012

Scandi Week : Swedish Real Estate and Beautiful Scandinavian Interiors

If you've ever looked for a flat or a house through real estate, you'd probably be surprised by the very pretty images below, all from the real estate agency Stadshem, based in Stockholm and Göteborg, Sweden.

Stadshem is not specialized in luxury housing (the flat in the pic below is actually 40m²), but selects very pretty houses and polish their styling.

Stadshem is actually one of my first source of inspiration for scandinavian interiors. You'd probably recognise in some pictures Ikea furnitures, String bookshelves and Josef Frank textiles and wallpapers!

I our apartment , the walls are covered by fiberglas, which makes it impossible to put wall paper :-(
The only place there isn't fiberglas is the laundry room... But it's no reason to not put wallpaper afterall!!

You'll notice also lots of scandinavian typical decor elements like raw/natural wood, white painted floor or furnitures, pops of colors and those amazing stoves.


(stove love <3)

(stove love <3)

All images from Stadshem.


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