Sunday, November 18, 2012

Copy Cat Bedroom?

Do I finally have a direction for my bedroom? 
(remember the weird color I picked for it?)

Am I going to Copy Cat this very cooooool bedroom by Emily Henderson?

Credit : Emily Henderson

I am very tempted!

I'm not sure sleeping next to a cactus is really Feng Shui, but the room is so coool.

It is pretty much the color of my room (kind of very dark and saturated teal). And I love that tropical green. Remember I said that green was going to be very trendy this year?

I directly though about the Aquatic collection of Mademoiselle Dimanche for the textiles.

But I still have two sets of Emmie Curtains and they where looking very good... So I am thinking about using them eventually (the white curtains are really NOT looking good).

(Gosh this picture is really not doing anything for them!!)

Credit : Ikea

And the patterns would Not work together...

So, instead of patterns, I could you for the cushions, a mix of those cushions from Zara Home and white plain cushions:

What do you think? The first option is better right?

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