Monday, November 26, 2012

Inspiring Rooms

 Hi people,

I hope you had a nice Monday.

Last weeks, have been full of inspiration, colors, sun.
I have been dreaming about decorating my house with bright, saturated colors, interesting color combos, etc.

While this process is nice and very creative, it is nice also to look back to interiors that always have caught your eyes and which trully define your style.

Here are three lovely interiors that I trully love and I can say this is completely my style.

The first interior is a Mahattan Atelier that was featured last month in Lonny Mag.

I am in love with the vintage chairs, the pink sofa, the moulding, the art.

I love that they didn't "respect" the moulding to hang the art. I think it gives a Parisian vibe.

Credit : Lonny
Via : Sfg by Bay

The second interior is the loft of the photographer  Jeremy Harwell.

Yes, another pink sofa.
Yest, owned by a dude.

Again, I love the art.

Credit : Jeremy Harwell

The last interior is a pad, designed by Elizabeth Sullivan.

Lovely isn't?
Totally tastefull, yet very simple and achievable.

So yes, I still love the more "tropical" styles featured lately in the blog, but let's face it :
I live in a country where it rains most of the days and where summer last for just two weeks.

So, I guess I should get sticked to the palette I love and know...

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