Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Geometric Chandelier for the Dinning Room


Everyone knows Sex and the City and Gossip Girl are a huge source of inspiration for clothes and fashion. But you remember Carry saying in S&C I "she left clothes for furniture"? It's totally true! Decor are at least as important as fashion in S&C movies. 

Remember this dinning room? Amazing!
I especially like the ceiling lamp. I think it makes the room (also the outstanting backsplach tiles).

Credit : Elle Decor

In Gossip Girl I L.O.V.E. the Bass-Van der Woodsen penthouse. I spoke about Serena's bedroom here, but the living room is quite amazing too. Both were designed by Christina Tonkin.

I am very much inspired by the suspension above Lily's desk (I need to find the reference).

I think suspensions are a very good way to create a chic and unique space. I've been looking on ebay for a geometric vintage chandelier and I found the same as  Gino Sarfatti's lightolier.

This suspension is identified authentic and was sold 500$. (I bought mine 116 euros, so I think I was a good deal).

At first, I was thinking for the sleeping room, like in the pic below.

Then I though it could look good in the entry way : 
Credit : Houzz 

 But right now, I am pretty sure I want it for the dinning room. What do you think?

Credit : Delightfull

The suspension above and two last suspensions bellow are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G . The price is on demand (!) on

The store has an interesting blog on lightings.

Credit : Delightfull

Credit : Delightfull

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