Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Patterns Week : Polka Dots

Polka dots....

I'm a big big fan of polka dots for clothes, but I think they can be very cheesy for home decor.
However, in some case, they can be very sexy!

You probably remember this room :

Credit : In Style

Oh yes! The amazing Serena's bedroom in gossip girl. I don't find the reference anymore, but I read the huge headboard was a DIY of the stage decorator. It was actually pretty cheap.

So yes, polka dots, even for home decor can be sexy! For example :

1. Ikat polka dots

 Ikat is an Indonesian dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, a bit similar to tie-dye. I think you can find Ikats in Thailand, so I hope I'll find some.

Madeline Weinrib has a very stunning collection.

Credit : Style at Home

Credit : Madeline Weinrib

2. Dwell Studio polka dots

They are the coolest graphic pattern ever, aren't they?

Credit : A cup of Jo

Dwell Studio has an entire collection.

Credit : Homedit

Via : A cup of Jo


I miss my baby...

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