Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From Charcoal to Dark Blue

Picking the right color is tricky. Very tricky. Or simply, I am not very good at it. I think most colors are now so sophisticated and contain so many different pigments that it is almost impossible to anticipate the result.

My boyfriend always complains about my love affair with white.

He always wants color.
I do like colors but I think they should come with the accesories (art works, textiles, decoration items), otherwise, you can get bored to much (or at least, with the second option, it is easier to change).

But I was very inspired by the following bedrooms:

Credit : Dear Lillie

I was ready to give moodier and saturated hues a chance.

The before bedroom was totally bare.

After :

Unfortunately, the grey I choosed was too saturated with too many blue and green pigments. Plus, I didn't evaluate well the combination of the paint color with the finish of the floor (almond oak) and of the furnitures (white oak). The floor appears much more like beech (which I despite so much) and the white oak looks beige-ish.

Yuck :

As you see, we have some storage issue in the bedroom... I am planning a major DIY project (built-ins) in a few weeks so be prepared...

Anyway, many people would just paint it again, but I like to give the thing a chance (like when I oblige myself to wear a shirt I eventually don't like).

I switched the curtains with the one from the living room.

Now the living room has white curtains (It doesn't look very great, but I am considering painting the walls and replacing the cheap veils with custom shades, so it might work. Or I can buy a new pair of blue curtains for the living room. I don't know.) Anyway, with the blue curtains, the color looks much better.

I think some artwork or some pictures might help also...

 I am planning a few DIY and improvements for the bedroom in the next week. I think it could be quite done at the end of November.

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