Sunday, November 4, 2012

Country Side Dinning and Living Room Inspiration from Rue Magazine

 I'm a big fan of Rue Magazine. Everything featured is always very tasteful.
 and the editing is pretty much perfect.

My parents live in an amazing 18th century water mill in belgian Ardennes. 

This house : 

Right now, they are undertaking major works in the dinning and living room. 
I told them I'll document it on my blog, but it's not going to be finished any soon.

I'd like to share with them those very tasteful inspiration pics from Rue Mag because, when you undertake major works, it's always nice to dream a bit and to have some goals.

It think those interiors are quite their style.

The two first pics are a dinning room styled by Kelley Moore.

I like the lacquered table. My mum would like to change her dinning table, but maybe some spray paint could be needed?

Nice upholstered dinning chairs.

In the same issue, I also liked this Rhode Island House designed by Ore Studios.

I like the layered rugs.

Pretty french bergères upholstered with  graphic patterns.

Lovely side lamp.

I always love benches. I think it's a very nice way to save some space.

Two first pics from the last issue of Rue Magazine. The other pics coming from Ore Studios published in the last issue of Rue Magazine (October 2012).

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