Monday, November 5, 2012

Patterns Week : Mixing Patterns


Today it's the last day before 15 days of pure rest in Thailand. 
 Life has been a bit crazy last month with lots of unexpected (and not so nice) events.
So it's really a relief to take some days off!

 With all these sad events, we haven't been able to progress in the house. I am dying to see the built-ins project done and to share with you the results but we had other priority lately.

Nothing happened either with the gallery wall and the nursery.

Some little changes did happen with the office space, but it's not worth a room reveal yet!

So, I won't be able to share any private project in November, and I very sad about that!

However, I'll try to feed this blog with inspiring pictures and tips.


This week, if you'd like, we'll speak about patterns : how to mix them, what are the trends, how to get inspired....

I hope you'll enjoy it!

I leave you today with very inspiring pictures mixing beautifully patterns (and colors!).


Credit : West Elm Blog

Credit  : Burnham Design

Credit : Design Manifest

Credit : Kate Rosenfeld

Credit : Style at Home

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