Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ideas for the Dinning Nook (2) : Options for the Table

The current table is a bit too small for the space and definitely too small to welcome more than four people. I bought it 7 years ago for peanuts form the former renters of my first apartment (along awful aneboda closets), so it is ok to splurge on a new table.

The chairs are adorable "Herve" chairs that I bought for 1 euro each and sanded years ago. I like them a lot, but they don't fill the space and look too shabby for the room.

I am usually very hesitant when its about decorating my house, but since I am ready to splurge a bit on this future set, I am even more hesitating...

Here is my check list :
1. No more Ikea in the living room!! I love Ikea but too much Ikea kills Ikea. Learn it.
2. Dinning room is, in my point of view, THE place where you can make a statement  : be vintage, be quirk
3. I know a round dining table will look better. It fits the space better.

Those are the tricks :

1. Round dining tables are spares. Not a lot of choices. Plus I want a pedestal. I despite four-feet round tables.
2. The table should be big enough for at least 6 people (more would be event better). But round tables usually don't have extensions.
3. White would be too white, but I already have three different finishes of wood in the living room (the coffee table, the kitchen and the piano), so can't have more wood. No wood, no white.
4. Last but not least : my boyfriend doesn't like round tables very much.

And the nominees are :

1.  Eero Sarrinen Tulip Table ( = for ever love)

Totally cute...

It comes in different finishes. The most common ones being white or marble.
Marble would be perfect, fullfilling point 3 of the check list.

It comes also in comes also in glod if you want :

Credit : Design Sponge

It works with all kind of chairs.

Credit : Ikea Family

Even rustic chairs :

Credit : Decor Pad

I hunting on craigslist but the price of vintage ones is quite prohibitive. I found some seller on line, but the delay of delivery is about 18 weeks (so I can change my mind and torture myself a billion times before I get it).

Besides that, the only inconvinients are the fact it is not modulable and that my boyfriend doesn't like round tables. 

2. Some other round tables on pedestal

Pretty :

Credit : Lonny Mag

Totally pretty :

To die for:

I could also find very cheap ones on craiglist and do a little makeover.This could be fun, but I get tired just thinking I have to go pick them in deep wallonia or flanders...

3. A rectangular table:

There are a few that are ok. But I am really not convinced...

My boyfriend likes this one :

Credit : Ikea Fans Sverige Facebook Page

I am fair ; this is a nice picture. But I think it is too "cold". It looks like an office meeting table. No. Really. I don't like it.

I would like this one better, I think :

Stockholm Table form Maison du Monde

So it's obvious which one I prefer... But would I survive 18 weeks for the delivery????

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