Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ideas for the Dinning Nook (1) : Lovely Inspiration Pics

This is a tragedy. I just can't decide myself or just find the right things. I change my mind every day.
I have a pretty good idea of what I like, but I just can't get the thing done.

I need a method.

First, the inspiration.

I like glamourous, feminine, personnal, uncommon dinning rooms.

I like chrome, rich textures.
BUT, I don't have a coherent style. It could be all styles, from french to mid-century, as long as it is glamourous.

This one is amazing :

Credit :

A love the Saarinen marble tulip table, not so much the chairs. However, like this, there is nothing to hate :

Faux bamboo chrome chairs. I love it, I am not joking.

Credit : Domino via

Simple and cozy, yet glamourous and really stylish :

Credit : Ana Antunes

This is crazy. There is nothing special to this dinning set, however, it looks so chic.

Credit : The Style Files (

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