Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Built-in Closet in the Bedroom (1)

As already mentioned, our closet/storage situation is terrible.

My boyfriend has an old Ikea beech closet in the bedroom and I have two very ugly Ikea (Aneboda) birch closets in Anouk's bedroom. I bought them to the former renters of my first apartment when I was in urgent need of furniture.

Now I am dreaming of a very nice and big closet.

I like the Ikea Pax ones, with sliding doors. Unfortunately, the need 66 cm depth and we just have 60 cm.

I thought about having custom cabinets made and just by the sliding doors, but I am afraid this would be a bit too expensive. We tough about hacking the depth of the cabinets but I am not sure this would work and I am still dreaming of built-ins which will really have a high-end look and optimize the space.

So I looked on internet for easy DIY solutions and I found many interesting ikea hacks.

Nice and clean "His and Her" Closet :

Credit : Ikea Hackers

Pax as room divider :

Credit : Ikea Hackers

Credit :

And I found a very good tutorial here, so I am thinking of giving it a try...

To be continued...

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