Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nice Work Spaces

Our worspace is quite unfinished yet...

Yes : the bare and unstyled truth...

We managed to hide the printer in our TV-books-media solution.

I am also very glad that we found at Habitat a very nice office chair that met my easthetic criterias and my boyfriend's practical criterias.

However, we still haven't find the right office table. I was for a long time looking for scandinavian vintage desks like the one below.

Credit : Lovely Clusters

We had some nice occasions on ebay, but eventually I think this would be too massive to be put in the corner of the living room, next to the very massive library.

I think I'd rather go for those good bones tables.

Credit : Rue Mag

And maybe later add some drawers like these...

I found some good bones side tables on ebay, that could be painted :

Credit :

But it's always the same story with ebay. You have to go get them, take them over in your car, etc...

And guess what???

Ikea makes this cuttie for about the same price... (Plus : my boyfriend likes it!)

Credit : Ikea

NO. I am not sponsored by Ikea.... and I trully think I shouldn't have any more ikea piece in my living room. But...

And wouldn't it be very cute with this glam table lamp form Zara Home?

I don't know. I think I could be happy with that. And it would create a more formal and stylish nook in our interior.
What's your opinion?

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