Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Favorite Rooms Ever

I don't have very stable tastes and what I like depends very much on the season, how I feel etc...

When I feel overwhelmed, I love decluttered, white, scandinavian interiors ;
When I am feeling depressed, I love color- and paternfull Holywood glam interiors ;
When I get sick of overplayed contemporary minimalistic interiors, I love mid-century classic design...

Sometimes I just want white from floor to ceiling, sometimes I need bold and colorfull accent.

This i why I am always hesitating and regretting my choices.

But, when I look at my pinterest boards, I realize that I have some unvariable favorites :

- light and crisp, not too cluttered, feminine rooms,
- with a pastel-white color palette
- silver-chrome accent
- beautifull materials like cristal, wood and leather
- and slight vintage vibes.

Those are all times favorites :

1. This beautifull NY flat

Credit : The Decorista (http://www.thedecorista.com/)

2. Vanessa Bruno's Paris apartment

Credit : The Style Files (http://style-files.com/)

3. This beautifull Madrid flat

Credit : Grey and Scout (http://www.greyandscout.com/)

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