Sunday, September 16, 2012

Storage for TV, Books, Printer and Documents (2)

I am usually not afraid of assembling Ikea furniture. I actually think it's fun and rewarding. But this one was kind of an advanced one. Not that it was very tricky, but reaaaaaaly long. I am not lying if I say it took us about 2 months to have it totaly finished.

1. You have to buy the thing : go get it, take it home... and... that's about it, because you are just exhausted.

2. You have to assemble all the structure, which is like assembling 8 ikea furnitures!

3. You have to drill to instal the lightings.

4. You have to instal the medias

5.You have to mount everything (it is 256 m high)

6. You have to instal the doors....
7. The sliding doors

8. Justify it to the wall. This was tricky because you have to first leave a distance between the cabinets and the wall to instal the media and the lights and then justify. Plus, there was a stop contact in the way we had to deal with.

9. Eventually filling and styling the shelves

Every step taking a weekend. Yes I wasn't lying about this taking 2 months! But the result is great!

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