Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 3 Best DIY / Before-After 2012

Dear blogfriends,

Today, I'm sharing with you what I consider as the three 2012's best DIY/before-after.

For me, a good DIY/before-after as to be creative, cheap, easy (by this I don't mean it's not asking a lot of work, I rather mean it's asking easy to find materials and no particular skills) and, of course, beautiful!

No surprise that Jenny Komenda won the first place! She is a genius at transforming things. She has an incredible taste and if I just could follow one blog, it would be hers.

This is her kitchen redo. Believe it or not, it cost less than 100 $.
(I love the persimmon drawers)

This is how the kitchen looked before :

Her landlord should bless her!

2. Weekday Carnival's Dinning Room

Another talented blogger is Riikka Kantinkoski, behing the finnish blog Weekday Carnival. This year she redid her dinning room with a DIY concrete table and geometric wall.

The table is originally from Ikea. I know, this is insane!

(She also sells beautiful prints).

3. Tête d'Ange's concrete floor

I recently discovered Tête d'Ange's blog. It is a very resourceful blog for DIY and origami's.

I have a crush for her living room concrete-ish floor. She found an affordable alternative to concrete and I think the result is stunning. The total cost for 40m² is 500 euros.

For technical details, check her post here.

This is the livingroom before.

She created a stencil rug. I love that detail!

Credit : Tête d'Ange

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