Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 : We Did It!

Dear blogfriends,

How are you feeling at the end of 2012?
I have to say that for me, 2012 was a very very intense year and I am feeling totally washed out!

Let's share the big moments!

1. The most intense and life changing experience was guiding our little Anouk through her first year.

First days at daycare...

(can you tell how tired we are?)

First birthday...

First steps...

And so much more nice moments...

(with my grandmother who passed away this year)

2. Another very exhausting experience was moving into our new home!

It was in march...

For the moment, the only room we really invested is the living room (although we are working a lot on a built-in closet in the bedroom, but it's far from done!)

This is how it looked the first month we moved in. I still think the look is cute and it makes me smile :-)

Then we built the storage unit...

And got a modular couch and a new rug... and a piano... and some cabinets...

This is how it looks right now with our Holidays decor...

3. I started this blog! And it is a very fun experience! I reached 100 post last week :-)) Thank you for coming here!

4. We had some very fun times too. Like our holidays in Thailand...

Two weeks of pure rest!

5. And eventually, usually I want to avoid political and economic topics on my blog, but I have to say that this year has been really really sad on that level. I worry about the economical crisis and really don't think we are facing it like we should. I think this crisis should be an opportunity to be creative and to think about new ways of living together, which includes more environmental concerns...

Anyway, I am grateful for every moment spend with my familly and friends.
I am grateful for all the comfort I have (from a warm home, to drinking water, a lovely interior, the love I receive and share every day).
I am grateful to be healthy and to have a decent job.



  1. Hi Marie!
    I've been following your blog for some time and I've given you a little award over on my blog here:

    Hope you like the idea and keep it going :)

    xx Caro

  2. Hi! Sure! I like the idea. Thank You and stay tuned!