Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Inspiring Entries

Hello readers!

How are you today? Its cold outside and the days are short. It is more important than ever to feel good at home. And it's important to have that feeling the moment you enter.

An entry can be either an introduction to the house or an editorial.
For the moment, my entry as been a nice and simple introduction.

A good entry as to be functional (you need to store your coats and shoes). Since I didn't know yet what I needed and where I wanted to go exactly with the styling of the house, I didn't want to spend a lot of money and to rush.

Now, I feel it's time to give my entry a direction. It's time to make a decor statement!

I will probably work on that this WE, so stay tuned for the pictures.
In the meanwhile, please enjoy these pretty and inspiring entries.... 

I hope you'll like them!

(Do you see what I mean by statement?)

Credit : Ish and Chi

Credit : Samantha Pynn

Credit : Stadshem

Credit : House Beautiful

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