Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reader's Question : Home Office

Dear readers,

Yesterday, my great friend and supporter Stefania submitted a request : Hello Marie, I recall you wrote about the solution you created for a desk/ printer in your living room...I was wondering, would you publish something inspired about solutions for home office?

I want this blog to be interactive so I was very pleased with Stefania's request! And, of course, I'll be happy to help you.

Credit : Home Goods

Jenny Komenda, the blogger behind the amazing blog Little Green Notebook, shared some thoughts some times ago about what you need and do not need in a home office :


- A pretty desk, with a place to put away your computer
- A cool-looking filing cabinet or other storage piece with large drawers
- An armoire or cupboard for storing your printer/scanner
- A comfortable chair that provides good support (if you must have an "office chair", invest in something good with a name like Miller/Eames)
- At least one lovely and interesting table lamp
- A rug to keep things soft underfoot
- Inspiring art


- A boxy, cubicle feeling computer desk unit with a million drawers and cubbies
- A cheesy, gooseneck "desk lamp"
- A rolling office chair
- A rolling chair plastic mat thing
- An inspiration board.


I think this list is GOLD! I especially LOVE the "not needed" list (the first three where my boyfriend's prerequisites...).
Of course, life is easier if you have a laptop (I don't) and even easier if you have a Mac (what I don't, obvi).

I my opinion, if you want to be functional, you can choose a quite inexpensive and modulable solution for the table. Let say... Ikea?
But the problem with their desk are is the usually massive legs.

The best is to work with trestles (if you have a laptop) or a combination of trestles and the vika drawers. I also kind of like this one.

Look, those are all Ikea tables :

Credit : A Merry Mishap

Credit : Stylizimo

What makes the difference?
A fancy lamp and a gorgeous chair.

1. Chairs

For the chair, you can go for design classics like above : Eames or Starck. But if you want big impact for a few pennies, I recommend to look on

You will find amazing pieces that just need to be reupholstered (or not) to get a new life.

2. Lamps

If you want a desk lamp, you will find many cool items on ebay. I recommend also the vintage shop Mouche. in Brussels.

Credit : Mouche.

Personally, I'd like something less industrial. Santa almost went for that one on Monday...

Credit : Westwing
.... but it can't be delivered in Belgium...
So I am still looking...
I think I saw something nice in Habitat. I'll have to check again...

Well, Stefania. I hope this will inspire you!
I have a few more ideas to share but this post is long enough, so stay tuned!

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