Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Living Room Update : Sorbet Hues and Gallery Wall

Dear blogfriends!

I am emerging from my inspiration coma? I don't know, but yesterday, I had a day off and I finally overcame my paralysis and dared to make some holes in my wall!

Do you remember how was the styling before?
Cute. I really liked it and this pic has even got some success on Pinterest.
But I was sick of it!

So, a few week ago, inspired by Orlando Soria's styling, I tried this :

It was ok (except those wire!!!)

But then, a few days later, we got our new table...
And, gosh, it is WHITE!

For some days (weeks), I HATED it!

It was super drab and those chairs (that I do like) are really not working with it.
(Just a few more weeks to get the new chairs, hopefully!)

So Yesterday, I collected arts and pics.

It needed some "peps", so I grabbed a brush and some paint...

1. This is the first look :

I think it's nice but the neon pink art is hung to high.

2. Second look :

3. Third look :

Which one do you prefer? (The art above the piano is supposed to be changed, of course).

(The cushions are from Hema).

By the way, I have to present you new comers...

This vintage Vener Panton lamp (from ebay, but the tension needs to be fixed) :

And this knitted pouf from Hema!

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  1. J'adore tout !!! Et ces touches de peps, c'est juste parfait ! (et vive HEMA :-) )