Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's a Feminine Interior?

Dear blogfriends,

Do you remember the Dude Design Week?

A girl friend of mine (Hi, Anna!) commented that she loved this apartment and said that "she must be a dude then!" and asked me "What's a feminine interior then?".

Of course, you can be a girl and love straight lines, leather and navy! Actually, I do think that it is best to mix feminine elements with masculine elements.

However, I sometimes dream of a very girly boudoir-like apartment filled only with stuff my boyfriend would hate!

Just like this very chic and glamorous apartment :

Tufted ottoman and huge mirrors with romantic ornament.

Hi lovely settee! My boyfriend would hate you because you can't really watch a movie sitting on you. But you're perfect for tea time with cupcakes!

Oh!Marble counter top and brass silverware!

Fur on chairs, of course.

Credit : Style at Home

I actually don't think I could live in such a girly space, but I still think it is very chic!

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