Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dude Design Week : Elements of Dude Design

Dear blogfriends,

Today's post shows how to include masculine elements in an interior.

Those elements can be used either to balance a room with lots of feminine elements (pinks, curbs, lace, mirrors, etc.) or used combined with other masculine elements or neutrals to create a space with lots of testosterone.

1. Leather sofas

Leather sofas are a very good example of masculine elements.

Mixed with feminine elements (round tables, rug with hint of pink) like in the room below, it creates a very balanced space.

But used with (almost exclusively) other masculine elements, it creates a very warm, strong and masculine space.

Credit : The Brick House

2. Mid-century pieces

Mid-century furniture has straight and clean lines (no ornaments and curbs). I think it's why I love this style so much!

You can style a mid-century console will never look toooo girly (even surounded by golden peonies!!!)

Credit : Bloesem

Credit unknown (probably Design Sponge)

3. Rich and textured fabrics

Credit : Somewhere on Pinterest

Tweed, velvet, flanel...

4. Subway Tiles

I know subway tiles are not so specifically masculine. However, it really makes those spaces very masculine (especially mixed with these velvet stools below) :

Credit : Decor Pad

Credit : Media Cache

5. Strong Animals

It's sounds cliché but kittens are for nurseries, beautiful and gracious birds for woman and buffalos and crocodiles for men.

Credit : Somewhere on Pinterest

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