Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dude Design Week : Orlando Soria's Apartment

Dear blogfriends!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's sunny weather!

This week I'd like to be more present on the blog and I though about a thematic week to get back on tracks.

I'm getting a bit tired of pastel shades, pinks and girly stuffs, so I'll be dedicating this week to dude design.

So let's start with Orlando Soria's very cool pad.

Orlando is a painter and works with Emily Henderson as principle designer. Emily is my favorite designer and collaborates with awesome talented people (like Bethany Nauert).

I love the blue-grey color palette and the mid-century vibes of this apartment.

I'll write a post on dude design's elements this week. For the moment, I just want to set the mood.

(This blue velvet sofa is amazing)

Credits : Refinery 29 and Homme maker

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