Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cozamia Art Print and DIY Canvas

Nancy Ramirez is a very talented infografist who creates the most inspiring prints ever.

I love the colors and I love how her (very affordable) art can add a touch of color and glam into any interior.

Her blog is currently closed, but you can check her art shop. She sets up the most beautiful vignettes with her art and her to-die-for amazing collection of lamps!

Above pics form : Cozamia

This last print inspired me a DIY canvas last summer. I didn't record the making-off, but it was very easy (I used acrylic) :

1. I first painted the canvas in white
2. I put painter tape
3. I randomly painted
4. I took off the tape
5. To avoid some difference of texture between white and colors, I added some white paint in the stripes
6. I painted the slides in brass


  1. it's really a fun project, i want to do this, many thanks for sharing....

  2. Did you use a stencil? If not, how did you figure out/measure where to put the tape?

    1. I did it randomly without mesurment. Trying to be balanced and to keep it parallel. But it s easy to remove the tape to adjust if necessary.