Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Washi Tape Ideas

Have you whashi taped your interior yet?

I did last WE! 

There's a wall in Anouk's bedroom where we have to mount shelves. But in the meanwhile it looked very bare.

Now it looks like this :

I love the idea of creating a ephemera decor, just like an installation!
The postcards are from Alice Depage, bought at Pepin la lune.

Here are some inspiration that I pinned lately :

Credit : Everyday Magic

Credit : Poppy talk

Credit : Design Sponge

Credit : Tretoen

Credot : Poppinette

Credit : Sweet Paul

I feel like washi taping everything!


  1. Les jolies cartes d'Alice! j'ai les mêmes ^^ elles sont joliement mises en valeur avec tes petits cadres!

  2. How did you stick the postcards to the wall?