Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Truth About the Bedroom

Dear blogfriends,

I really wished I could post a real room reveal, but this is not happening yet.

We worked a lot and we are more than half way through. But things have been difficult. The built-in closet was a to ambitious DIY. We did a great job and I am very happy with what we have done. But I would not do it again.

There have been some mistakes also with the paint color and the window treatment.
The architectural layout is also wrong. I want to fix that by displacing the heater.

Anyway, this is a short overview of what we've done yet!

1. Good things :

a. I now like the paint color as headboard color (so at the end, it should remains on just one wall).
b. I love the Gion Sarfatti light fixture (mounted this WE).
c. The window treatment is now much better, but still not perfect.
d. We are almost done with the built-in closet and I think we did a great job.
e. I am pretty happy with the artificial lighting. We used 3000 Kelvin's LED and halogen. I'll post about that.

2. Indulgence

a. As you can notice, one circuit isn't working on the fixture. So we'll have to unmount it to fix it. What a pain.
b. Window treatment (already redone, I'll post about that) is still not perfect as it doesn't allow to open the window the easiest way. So we'll have to change it again.
c. Biggest indulgence : the heater is placed on the wrong side of the room. I think the bed should face the entry. So we will have to get it displaced.
d. I'd like to get rid of this Ikea furniture. The dresser is just collecting clutters and the bedside tables are ugly.

We tried a few days ago to put the bed in front of the entry... much better!!!
(sorry for the poor quality of the pic)

3. The pics you shouldn't have seen

This is what the room looked like just a month ago. Just seeing this pictures makes me wanna cry.
(I don't apology for the quality of the pics because you don't want to see more!)

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