Wednesday, March 13, 2013

(No) Clouds in the Sky and Ratan Chair Makeover


What a beautifull day today!

Cold but sunny! There's absolutely no clouds in the sky...
But there's one in Anouk's new ratan chair!

I've been collecting them in pinterest for a while :

Via : Pinterest

via : Pinterest

They are cute and confortable (they work as lumbar cushions for kids!).

I got mine at Little Vintage Lovers .
It works perfect because the chair is a bit deep for Anouk.
I'm smitten by the way she sit ostensibly while drinking her feeding bottle.

I' not tottaly satisfied by the makeover.
I first spray painted with mat, then gloss. I wish I had something in between. But there wasn't a lot of spray paint choice.

Anyway. It's not that bad.

Remember how the chair looks before?


Crackles. Two coat of paint (one applied with a brush!). Ugly brown color.

As expected, stripping a ratan chair wasn't easy. It took a few nights to get it off.

Unfortunately, the ratan wasn't in very good condition, so I couldn't leave it as it.

I took advantage of last week's sunny weather for a second coat of spray paint...

And this is how it looks right now !

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