Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kids Chair and Table Set Makeover


Today, I'll share a very simple and cheap makeover in three steps :
- Sanding
- Washing
- Painting

Remember we started with this Ikea set found on the street :

It just needed a bit of love. Now, Anouk is having the best time of her life with it!

Sanding was super easy. I put all the pieces a part and sanded with a sanding sponge. The grain wasn't thinck so I was afraid it wouldn't work, but in fact it worked perfect. Can you tell the difference?

Much better indeed!

It took like 30 to 45 minutes to do both, table and chair.
Then, right after that you have to wash it with St Marc wash.

It is very important, especially for something found on the street, but also because it will open the wood fibers and allow the paint to stick better.

Sneak peek in the bathroom.

See how gross?

The two steps belows can be completed in one evening. Then the wood has to dry 48 hours.

About painting, I choosed a latex based paint for the chair (a sample was enough :-)) and used a small roll (that you can spot in the pic below). It dried super quickly and I could re-assembled the chair the same night.

For the table, however, I choosed a oil based paint. A well known french popular song says that oil paint is more difficult but prettier than water based paint. This is so true!

First, it is sticky and dries so slowly  (24 hours between each coats). It took a week to get the table done! Then oil is like nail polish : use a brush, load it with a big amount of paint, go slowly and DON'T go back.

Of course many times I did go back, but really the finish is much better on the parts I resisted the temptation.

This is what our LR looked like for a week...

For the top, I used chalckboard paint that I applied with a roll. Very easy.

I can't get enough of that color combo!

(This cracks me up!)

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