Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Keep it fresh!

Dear blogfriends,

How are you dealing with those (so desired!!!!) hot temperatures???

As far as I'm concerned, I LOVE it!

I love this hot and humid tropical weather, it feels so relaxing.

But how do you cope with that if you stay in a tiny urban apartment, without balcony???? (Like I did some years ago, before having a wonderful terrasse!).

I found a very nice inspiration right from Brasil.
This tiny apartment is just 65m².

But it feels fresh : cool hues, light textures and no clutter.

I especially love the concrete floor.

They used bright woven rugs instead of heavy wool rugs.

I you have a concrete floor in Belgium, you'll probably need wool rugs to warm it up a bit during the cold season (which is, indeed, 10 months a year), but you can easily swich it with cooler and brighter rugs during hot days!

I love the japanese art. So fresh.
Beside, I've always love the green and pink color combo.

Wall stickers are not my jam, but I admit this bedroom is very serene.
Fresh flowers are also a good way to refresh a room.

All pictures via Achados de decoracao

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  1. C'est incroyable ! Quelle gestion de l'espace !!! Je désespère d'un jour arriver à optimiser mon intérieur comme ça et surtout avec quelle esthétique !!! :-)