Friday, October 25, 2013

My Fall Decor 2013 (part 1)

Dear blogfriends, 

 Eventually some pics of my fall decor.

Fall is definitely the most inspiring season for me and it so nice to nest for the winter.

I've been plurging quite a bit on new accessories (posters and cushions mainly), but it was absolutely worth it.

I'll be sharing other pictures later, that involve a gallery wall and a wallpaper project!



  1. Génial tes coussins hérisson et écureuil... :-) tu les as trouvé sur le net ?

  2. Merci! oui je les aime d'amour. Ils viennent de By Nord (une marque danoise <3) très nature. Je les ai commandés sur le site britannique Skandivis.

  3. ohhh j'adore trop les coussins aussi :-)
    C'est vraiment superbe bravo !